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In order to plan your health promotion proposal you will need to design a project/program/intervention with one specific aim and 3 specific, measurable, realistic objectives that could be achieved within a set time frame. (Objectives can relate to changes in knowledge, attitudes, behavior and/or structures).

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Assessment Report of Technology

Assessment 1 – project John is working as accounts manager for company called ICTM. Usually he works from home by logging in to officer server during after hours. Few days ago he faced few problems with virus attack on his computer. With one of his friend’s suggestion he formatted computer and erased everything to get rid of virus. Now virus is completely removed from PC but he is unable to connect to office server. He is looking for you help. Ha called you and made an appointment with you tomorrow to check his PC. Develop a check lists for: Find which system is faulty (might be hardware/ software) Identify tools for fault finding (examples for software fault: ping, trace route, telnet…/ for hardware faults: faults: power supply. Cables, hardware failure..) Identify specifically design tools to work (may be software tools/ hardware tools)

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Financial Management and Accounting Project

Students are representing a finance consultancy firm that has been approached by a group of investors requiring the performance of primary and secondary research in order to identify a current or developing trend in the Hospitality Industry and propose a new business venture. The investors have a maximum budget of 10 million. The proposed destination could be anywhere but the investment is primarily limited to a hotel business. The overall investment for the establishment could exceed the budget as long students can justify the provision of additional funds by a lending institution. The Proposed project should be researched with particular reference to the following areas:• Financial planning techniques• Financial accounting information and decision making• Accounting techniquesYour task is to report your idea in your chosen destination to a group of investors (represented by your teachers), in this case investors looking for returns in line with what is normal in the chosen destination and the anticipated risks.Students should include a brief introduction to the proposed organisation and idea followed by the finance and accounting section of the report which should outline the following:.- Start up table including all expenditures prior to your proposed business opening- Important Financial Assumptions- The Capital budgeting process of your project which should include but not limited to:o The Capital structure of your project (Debt/Equity)o Evaluation of your capital expenditures by using: Payback method Internal rate of return(IRR) or Net Present value- The operating and financial leverage of your project including but not limited to:o Degree of Operating Leverage (DOL)o Degree of Financial Leverage (DFL)o Degree of Combined Leverage (DCL)- An analysis of the financial and portfolio risks of the project:o Business Ratioso Break-even analysiso Optimistic scenarioo Pessimistic scenario- A set of forecasted financial statements including but not limited to:o Income statements for the first 5 years of operationso The Balance Sheet for the first five yearso Cash Budgets for the first five years- The journalizing and posting process of all business transaction prior to the openingHow to evaluate financial planning techniques• Critical evaluation of finance and financial planning in supporting your identified business idea and strategic thinking• Planning an investment portfolioHow to analyse financial accounting information and decision making • Development of financial documents• Financial performance evaluation for decision making• Planning and control of budgetsHow to conduct accounting techniques• Producing accounting statement and usage of accounting systems• Use and evaluation of costing theories•Students should demonstrate application of theory and knowledge to their proposed organisation and ensure they have addressed the assessment criteria for the unit.The analysis should be concluded with detailed and well-justified recommendations; relevant examples can also be quoted. The secondary research undertaken should be appended to this assignment.

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Analysis of Intellectual Capital Asset of Google

Analyze how Google’s organizational structure and ethical behavior affect the value of its intellectual capital (promoting innovation, decision making, productivity, etc.).

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Literary Assessment of ANDREW MARVELL Poems “To His Coy Mistress” and “The Definition of Love”

From the works and author of ANDREW MARVELL Poems “To His Coy Mistress”, “The Definition of Love” and considering its place in the larger context of English-language literature. How does it relate to earlier works, and how does it compare to later works? Do you see echoes of it in our own time? Use specific examples.The poetry of Andrew Marvel ‘To his Coy Mistress’ and ‘The definition of Love’, are a lyrical poems also classified as metaphysical poem are related to the earlier literary work of John Donne, as he was the pioneer of the metaphysical poem. In the poems, ‘To his Coy Mistress’ and ‘The definition of Love’, Marvell has made the use of allusions, metaphysical and grand imagery for expressing the mood of a great patience, which has been seen on the work of previous poets including John Donne. In the previous literary work, back in the 14th century, romantic and love poems were related to physical appearance and beauty of lover, while the metaphysical poem of Marvell expressed the love in his poem as pleasure of being in love (Abrams). Moreover, the 14th century, also known as Beowulf, was more focused on the epic poems, and Marvel adopted the essence of spiritualism in his poems by defining the love as spiritual source of power. Besides, the poem ‘The definition of Love’ that is an excellent piece of the metaphysical poem, the poetic style of Andrew Marvel has wide impact on the history of literature compelling different poet of the time and later to adopt the same direction. Since, in his poem, Marvel used philosophical terms such as science and mathematics to elaborate the affection for his lover, in later time, different poets adopted the same pattern including Edward Taylor, who apparently was not acknowledged as metaphysical poet but most of his work reflected the characteristics of metaphysical poetry. In recent time, different efforts are being made, and as a result, recent poetry is somewhat close to characteristics of metaphysical of John Donne and Andrew Marvel such as T. S. Elliot. Comparing Marvel with his earlier and later period can be based on his lyric style because in the 20th, the lyric style of Andrew came in fashion and his lyric style was most preferred by John Dryden. Satire observed as part of the Andrew lyric style was later adopted by Alexander Pope even as his satirical prose expected the accomplishment of Jonathan Swift in that stream (Abrams). Reference Abrams, M. H. The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Vol. 2. W W Norton& Co Inc; 6th edition, 1999.

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Population and Land Use Changes in South West Western Australia over the Past 70 Years

Discuss the population and land use changes in South West Western Australia over the past 70 years Revision remarks The report was meant to be about population and land use change in the south west of Western Australia (area surrounding perth) on all western Australia. It should be about the population change and landuse changes eg why agriculture/forest to urban/semi urban. South West Western Australia is one of those regions where there is historical dominancy of agriculture as economic driver and use of lands, water and vegetation. With the increasing growth in population from rural to urban areas, there is changed trend in the land use change. This changed trend in the region is due to efforts to satisfy the needs of the migrated population.

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You are required to submit a plan for a health promotion funding proposal. Assume you are writing this proposal to convince the funding body that the issue is significant enough to warrant funding and the proposal you present clearly describes what you will do, why and how. The funding body will want to know what your outcomes will be and how you will measure whether of not you achieved what you proposed.

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Assignment of Importance of Breeds of Cats

cats first part - page one explain how important the breed of cat is when selecting the family pet and include these options: long-haired, shorthaired, purebred and crossbred the information must be one page long Second part: - page two Describe what the impact of improper feeding have on a cats health information must be one page long

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