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Assessment Report of Technology

Considering the scenario given, it is considered that John, before getting virus and formatting his computer, used to be connected with server of office by logging in through remote assistance. 

Task 1: Identifying the Fault in System

Since John is unable to connect with the server of office after removing virus by formatting his computer, therefore, the connection failure with the office server can be possibly be due to software or operating system problem. It is because if it were hardware problem, John would not be able to use Windows installed in his system, considering this issue, it can be understood that this problem is related to both operating system and hardware of John’s computer. Experienced assignment writing service is available online.

Task 2: Identifying Tools for Fault Identifying

In order to assure the problem, fault needs to be identified, determining whether problem is in hardware or software. For identifying the fault in software, there are possibly three ways named as ping, trace route and telenet (Hunt& Bragg, 2005). For performing ping and trace route command, Pingdom Tools can be used, as this can easily be accessed online and it will help in giving outside view of the network response time along with topology to track down possible errors. Moreover, Pingdom tool can be used for both ping and trace route. While for hardware, power supply, cables and hardware failure can be checked (Mansfield & Antonakos, 2009).

In order to identify the problem in software, ping command can be used to determine whether John’s computer has the accessibility to host of internet protocol, because the problem may persist due to interruption in internet protocol. Thus, ping test command will be made to verify if the computer of John could communicate with another computer over the network. Additionally, slow network connection can also be reason of failure of connection with office server, considering this; trace route command will be used, tracing the network path of internet routers. By using the trace rout command, slow network connection can be diagnosed on John’s computer. 

In order to identify the fault in hardware, power supply will be checked to ensure if computer is properly having power supply. Cables will also be inspected for creating any type of interruption in the power supply or internet connection, whereas, computer hardware such as processor will be evaluated for providing troubleshooting option.

Task 3: Identifying Specific Design Tools to Work

In order to work on the problem solving and planning for problem solution, different software and hardware design tools can be used in which software design tool includes UML and Visual Studio .Net 2003 whereas, hardware design tool includes Cisco. 

Using UML (Unified Modeling Language) can be used to work by designing diagram while elaborating the system design decisions. Similarly, Visual Studio .NET 2003 can be used to design the diagram for network system. Cisco, on the other hand, can be used for designing and developing Cisco network diagram through Cisco diagram symbols (Bateman, 2011). 

Task 4: Recording and Analyzing Problem

a) Record and Analyze

The problem will be recorded by following the below steps:

Recording for Software Problem

  • Through using ping and trace route command on Pingdom Tool, problem in connection will be identified.
  • For this, command ping host such as ping will be used to specify the host name of computer to ping
  • If ping test shows equal number of sending and receiving packets, it means that there is a connection between client and server
  • If ping test shows connection timed out error, it means there is connection issue between client and server.
  • Recording for Hardware Problem
  • Through plugging in the computer system with power, the supply of power will be ensured.
  • If, upon the plugging in the power, computer system does not get the power, it will be considered that problem is in power supply
  • Through checking the both internet and power cables, it will be ensured that computer receives the power and internet connection
  • If internet cable shows no connection on the system, it means that problem is with internet cable 
  • For hardware failure, processors like modem will be checked for connection         

The problem will be analyzed following the below steps:

Analyzing for Software and Hardware Problem

  • In order to analyze the software and hardware problem related to connection failure, likelihood or possibility of occurrence tool will be used, which will help in understanding and evaluating the possibility of occurrence of problem. The areas getting higher rate of likelihood will be given more attention and will be checked first. 

b) Symptoms of Problem

Following will be the symptoms of problem to be considered:

  • No power availability in computer
  • MODEM not functioning properly
  • Internet cables are damaged and network does not create
  • Ping test shows slow connection
  • Trace route shows wrong path

c) Analyze Problem Status

To analyze the problem status, following actions will be taken:

  • The intensity and persistency of problem
  • Category of problem whether hardware problem or software

d) Nature of Problem

To identify the nature of the problem, loss of connection will be determined to related with software or hardware. 

Task 5: Identifying Causes of Problem

a) Causes of Problem

The following can be the causes of problem in hardware and software

  • Lack of proper power supply to computer
  • Poor functionality of MODEM
  • Lack of consistent connection with Internet protocol 
  • Connection between client and server is on wrong path

b) Organize Causes in Likelihood








Almost Certain










Lack of consistent connection with Internet protocol







Poor functionality of MODEM







Connection between client and server is on wrong path







Lack of proper power supply to computer



Task 6: Organizing a Solution and Record Results

The most probable solutions for each problem can be as follows:

Solution for Hardware Problem

The most effective solution for the hardware problem including power supply, cable and hardware failure can be following:

  • To change the power supply
  • To replace the cable with new cable
  • To repair the MODEM to perform well

Solution for Software Problem

The most effective solution for the software problem including no connection with internet protocol and wrong path between client and server connection can be following:

  • To ensure the IP of both client and server
  • To change the DNS server and preferred server
  • To repair the connection between client and server side

Results of Solution

The results of preferred solution can be recorded as follows:

  • The computer system has enough power supply to work
  • The computer system has proper cable connection to be connected with network
  • The MODEM of the system is proper functioning
  • IP of both sides are same and responds to each other

Task: 7: Template to Document Problem Signs and Symptoms and Solution for Future Reference



Sign and Symptoms


Lack of power supply

Computer system is not working or showing error related to power supply

To change the power supply

Damage Cable

There is no network connection

To replace the cable

MODEM not functioning

Lack of ability to create network connection

Repair the MODEM

Internet connection is slow or not connected

Ping test showed connection timed out error

Change the DNS server or preferred server to ensure IP addresses are same on both sides

Connection is wrong path

Trace router showed wrong connection path between client and server

Change the DNS server or preferred server to ensure IP addresses are same on both sides



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