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Assignment of Importance of Breeds of Cats

A cat is taken as of a specific cat breed and it refers to breeding for the trait that defines the cat from specific breed. When choosing a cat as a pet for the family, it is important to consider breed of cats because not every breed of cat can be good enough to be household. The selection of specific cat breed is also important because in most cases, specific breed of cat does not match with the nature of the owner of cat. 

There are different breeds of cats and choosing specific cat breed may depend on the types of cats breed. Different breeds of cat are longhaired cats, short haired cats, purebred and crossbred cats. In longhaired cats, there are two types of breeds: domestic and non-domestic cats, similarly, shorthaired cats are of two types. Longhairs breed of cats have fluffy fur and are available in different colors and patterns such as tabby, solid and patched tabby. 

Shorthairs breed of cats have different body texture, types and facial expressions. It may also depend on the specific breed in individual cats.  Important information about shorthair cats is that they vary in weight from eleven to twenty two pounds and male cats in this breed are much larger than female cats.  assignment help by Custom Writers UK

Purebred cat has long beautiful coats and are calm and affectionate with their masters. It is considered as significant that they are very mild mannered and calm. Therefore, purebred cat is considered suitable as pet cat. 

A crossbreed cat refers to cats with purebred parents of two different breeds, thus, such cats are with variety of characteristics. Since they are not randomly bred, therefore, their characteristics are difficult to understand and changes based on individuals. On this ground, a crossbred cat is not considered suitable for pet. 

Impact of Improper Feeding on Cats’ Health

Since diet is a significant for the growth of cats, improper feeding can have negative effects on the health of cats. However, improper feeding is concerned with the diet that is not appropriate for the health of cats and it can result in different diseases. In cats, improper feeding can be related to diabetes, urinary blockages, obesity, allergies, constipation, kidney problems and other medical issues.

Moreover, food that contains soy, corn and wheat with salt and sugar are not good for the health of the cats. However, cats are good enough to digest the meats that are processed for human being and it is inappropriate to give them such meat because meat has a lot of sodium in it. In addition, fish can also be harmful for them as it causes urinary and mercury problems in them. 

Improper feeding may also lead to obesity and may cause feline liver disease. Other environmental changes such as shifting can have effects on the eating routine of cats as they refuse to eat and such change may cause them concurrent bacterial infection, which further leads to anorexia, a kind of loss of appetite and eventually to the liver disease.

Other possible impacts of improper feeding in cats are risks of constipation and diarrhea while skin and hair can also be affected by improper feeding. Since cats are carnivore, they must be given meat based diet so that they can have protein from meat source rather than plant source. 



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