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Literary Assessment of ANDREW MARVELL Poems “To His Coy Mistress” and “The Definition of Love”

The poetry of Andrew Marvel ‘To his Coy Mistress’ and ‘The definition of Love’, are a lyrical poems also classified as metaphysical poem are related to the earlier literary work of John Donne, as he was the pioneer of the metaphysical poem. In the poems, ‘To his Coy Mistress’ and ‘The definition of Love’, Marvell has made the use of allusions, metaphysical and grand imagery for expressing the mood of a great patience, which has been seen on the work of previous poets including John Donne. In the previous literary work, back in the 14th century, romantic and love poems were related to physical appearance and beauty of lover, while the metaphysical poem of Marvell expressed the love in his poem as pleasure of being in love (Abrams). Moreover, the 14th century, also known as Beowulf, was more focused on the epic poems, and Marvel adopted the essence of spiritualism in his poems by defining the love as spiritual source of power. 


Besides, the poem ‘The definition of Love’ that is an excellent piece of the metaphysical poem, the poetic style of Andrew Marvel has wide impact on the history of literature compelling different poet of the time and later to adopt the same direction. Since, in his poem, Marvel used philosophical terms such as science and mathematics to elaborate the affection for his lover, in later time, different poets adopted the same pattern including Edward Taylor, who apparently was not acknowledged as metaphysical poet but most of his work reflected the characteristics of metaphysical poetry. In recent time, different efforts are being made, and as a result, recent poetry is somewhat close to characteristics of metaphysical of John Donne and Andrew Marvel such as T. S. Elliot. Comparing Marvel with his earlier and later period can be based on his lyric style because in the 20th, the lyric style of Andrew came in fashion and his lyric style was most preferred by John Dryden. Satire observed as part of the Andrew lyric style was later adopted by Alexander Pope even as his satirical prose expected the accomplishment of Jonathan Swift in that stream (Abrams). Hire  assignment writer by well-versed writers




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