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Population and Land Use Changes in South West Western Australia over the Past 70 Years

South West Western Australia is the largest state that occupies third of the entire continent while the population of the region between 1901 and 1991 has increased from 115,391 to 1,636,067 persons (Khoo, 2003). The rapid growth in the population has greatly affected the land use changes in South West Western Australia (Bari & Ruprecht, 2003). From the tropical north to temperature areas in the South West, South West Western Australia has experienced variety of climatic conditions over past seventy years (Mulligan, 1996). The land with distance from the coasts, rainfall and other temperature variations, the land use changes has been fastest over past 70 years 4% with region transformed. According to Bari & Ruprecht (2003), the population and land use changes in South West Western Australia over past seventy years has been estimated to affect productivity of the land. It is found on comparing the levels of rural population over time within rural regions experiencing the plantation expansion. On comparison, the population in plantation regions was more than any other rural region, whereas, the rural population in various rural regions observed to fall apart from emergence of plantation expansion (Schirmer 2008). write my assignment

The expansion of plantations on large scale leads the population turnover and small loss of population. Expansion of processing can prevent the decline in population by stabilizing the population of rural town. The population turnover influences the lives of people by shifting of previous residents and new people taking place on properties and it specifically involves the shift from farmers towards rural life style. It implies that the influence of population largely depends on the living style of new residents was perceived (Schirmer 2008). 




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